Donations & Sponsorship

The Yukon Transportation Museum’s mission is to tell stories of Yukoners' ingenuity and self-sufficiency through the history of transportation in the Yukon.

Our mandate is to identify, acquire, preserve and conserve the history, cultural material and artifacts of Yukon’s transportation modes and to interpret this history in an educational manner for all Yukoners and visitors alike.

YTM is a not-for-profit society operated by a volunteer board of directors.  We are also a registered Charitable Organization and all donations are tax deductible.

All revenues raised through admissions, rentals and museum shop sales go directly in the operational costs of the museum. Your donation will help offset increasing costs.



If you have an object (e.g. artifact, photograph, journal, vehicle, etc.) that you feel would be a good fit with the mission and mandate of the Yukon Transportation Museum, we would love to hear from you. Please call Janna Powell, Executive Director to discuss your potential donation at (867) 668-4792.

We operate under Acquisition Terms as set out in our Collections Policy.  Following are excerpted key points, if you have additional questions please feel free to ask us to share our full Collections Policy with you.

-No object will be collected without an approved ‘Accepting and Receiving Artefacts’ Procedural Form.

-Staff and volunteers shall follow ethical guidelines as outlined by the Canadian Museum Association Ethical Guidelines (2006).

-The accumulation of collections will be primarily donations from the general public and community.

- YTM will give consideration to the function of each object and YTM’s potential to continue to preserve it.  

- YTM reserves the right to not accept an item or to accept only part of an offering.  

- Donors will be given a Donation Agreement to sign, this form alone does not signify acceptance by the museum. All forms must be completed by an assigned Museum representative.

- Some potential donations fall under the Historic Resources Act, if your object has unclear title please refer to the following pamphlet

(Donation Offer form)

Likewise, if you would like to support the museum through a cash donation, you can do so online by selecting the Donate tab to the right. You can also make a donation while registering for Membership.


If you would like to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities within the museum, please contact Janna Powell, Executive Director @ (867) 668-4792 or email

We appreciate your support.