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The Yukon Transportation Museum welcomes your input. We are pleased to discuss new ideas and current projects and we are excited 2015 is our 25th year!



The 2014/15 Board of Directors can be contacted at

President:...................Dennis Blaker is a life long Yukoner. He was born into a WP&YR family. His grandfather was on the boats, his father, uncle and himself were all in the rail division. Dennis has been a member of YTM since 2001 and he is interested in all facets of transportation. He is happy he contributes to the legacy of YTM being there for his grandchildren.

Vice President:............Richard Roberts has been with the YTM since before the beginning.  Richard is devoted to the automobile history of the Yukon and is always happy to do the homework and make the case for interesting new additions to the museum's collection.

Treasurer:...................Katrina Wohlfarth's a born and raised Yukoner, a YG financial manager, and YTM’s Treasurer. This is her second year on the YTM board and she finds new things to learn and love and every meeting and event. By being involved with the YTM Katrina is exposed to not only the old trains, planes, automobiles and other modes of transportation but also the people who drove them and their stories. When she’s not at YTM, she’s busy as a volunteer firefighter and Cancan dancer.

Secretary:...................Jonathan Gorton was born and raised at Mile 0 of the Alaska Hwy, Jonathan has made his home in the Yukon since 2011.  A lawyer by day, he moonlights as Secretary of the Board at YTM where he shamelessly looks forward to driving YTM’s model train with his young son. When he's not dreaming of playing with model trains, he's likely at home puttering or off skiing, biking, and boating his way to his favorite places.

Board Member:............Douglas Davidge has had an adventurous career working for Environment Yukon.  During his term as president for the YTM he was the discoverer of the goldrush sternwheeler wreck, the AJ Goddard, and he is very willing to literally dive into history. See

Board Member:............Hugh Kitchen has lived in the Yukon for over 40 years. 35 years in aviation, 3 of that with Air North, then 32 with Alkan Air - 25 as a partner in the business. Currently he works part time with Alkan Air as a pilot, is the president for the Chamber of Mines and enjoys sharing history through his volunteerism at the YTM.

Board Member:............Robert Gates -coming soon-

Board Member:............Murray Lundberg has been living in the Yukon (Whitehorse and Carcross) since moving from BC's Fraser Valley in 1990. He started following historic trails in 1958 when his father caught "gold fever" during BC's Centennial in 1958, and that type of travel, and related research, remain a passion. Files on the history of virtually every aspect of Northern transportation and mining are stored in his office, as well as tens of thousands of photographs. He has written three books on those subjects - the history of mining in the Carcross area, the history of the Alaska Highway, and a travel guide to the South Klondike Highway. He was a professional long-distance driver for much of his working life, and attained a commercial pilot's license some 30 years ago. At one time he had his own aircraft, with which he first saw the Yukon, and over a dozen antique cars. He now shares stories and photos of past and current travels and research on his Web site and blog, as well as helping out on transportation and mining history related projects when he can. 

Board Member:............Kenny Lindsay first came to the Yukon for a summer camp in Watson Lake.  It was love at first sight and he subsequently signed up for Yukon College - ultimately gaining a degree in Social Work. In both winter and summer, he can be found adventuring in the backcountry with his dog Rosco. Kenny truly loves three things: the Yukon, community building, and hockey.

Board Member:............David White has been keenly interested in the history of places, people and objects since he was a youth. He remembers always wanting to read, see and hear every detail when in a museum and touring an historic site or monument. David has a personal connection with ships, trains and aviation. His father and grandfather were on ships working along the B.C. coast. As a young boy he traveled multiple times by train from Vancouver to Oregon. As well, he was an Air Traffic Controller in Whitehorse for over 35 years. All this not only supports his notion that Yukon historic collections must be maintained but also that the public and governments need to endorse the collecting, preserving and exhibiting of future acquisitions in the Yukon and specifically those for the Yukon Transportation Museum.

(H)Board Member:........Ken Jones

(H)Board Member:........Murray Biggin has been flying and driving his whole life. He found out on Christmas of 1954 he was being shipped off by the Canadian Military to England for 'Radar Trades' - this was somewhat of a disappointment, he had requested to go north. Ask him about his adventures en route sometime! After returning from overseas he drove for 'the Big Dog' and found his way to the Yukon in 1973.  Since then he drove professionally for WP&YR involving Cassiar Asbestos - Clinton Creek, Faro, Elsa, Dawson City. In 1996 he joined Whitehorse Transit for six years and then in 2002 he drove for Gray Line for three summers. Murray is living transportation history.

(H)Board Member:........Harry Lowry


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